Marshall Flinkman ID – finally available!


In preparation for Emerald City Comicon earlier this month, I made a late (ok, night-before) decision to dress as Marshall Flinkman, the amazingly-talented-and-awkward-and-brilliant tech guy on the TV show Alias. Because EVERYTHING is online, I was sure a quick search would yield an easy-to-print name tag / ID card for my costume.

I was wrong.

(Aside – Season 1 of Alias is one of the best stories in any medium. Go binge watch it now.)

Frustrated with this failure of the internet on which I so often rely, I dusted off my Microsoft Paint skills and cobbled together a few bits and pieces to create this important accessory. The information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, including the institution, the address of said institution in real-life Los Angeles, and a bar code that – if scanned – reads “Marshall J Flinkman.” I guessed at his title.

My purpose of posting this image is in the hopes that some day, someone will have a similar need, search “Marshall Flinkman ID card,” and be greeted with this blog post and the solution they desire.  If that person is you, we have been connected across space and time for this moment. I hope it serves you well, and that you’ll create something – even a little silly something – for the next person in need.

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